In the Institute of Systemic Therapy of Thessaloniki, we offer sessions using the Open Dialogue approach (with the presence of two therapists).


Open Dialogue is a philosophical/theoretical and therapeutic approach in supporting individuals that experience mental health problems. It was developed in Finland by the research team of Psychotherapy Professor Jaakko Seikkula. It has been applied in serious mental health crises with very good outcomes, as longitudinal research has shown (see relevant video here).


In the sessions participate any family members, who want to contribute in addressing a current difficulty. Other members of the community and friends are welcome too, as long as the contact person wants them to attend.

Respect and recognition of all participants is core. A common language system is created and there is focus in appreciating multiple perspectives in addressing topics. 

Open Dialogue is used in any experience of psychological problems, in psychosomatic symptoms, in communication difficulties, in transitional or critical phases on a personal or professional level.




In April 2024 the Institute of Systemic Therapy Thessaloniki hosted a two-days seminar in Open Dialogue, coordinated by Jaakko Seikkula, emeritus professor for psychotherapy at the University of Jyväskylä (Finnland) and founder of Open Dialogue and by Sofia Calcena, clinical psychologist, trainer in family and couples’ therapy and Open Dialogue trainer, Dialogic (Finnland). The seminar was addressed to the employees of the Association for Regional Development and Mental Health (EPAPSY), as a way to cultivate theit dialogic skills to respond to people in times of crisis.

The experiences of the trainers and the reflections of the multi-disciplinary teams are an inspiration for the continuation and development of the dialogic practices in Greece.


For more information, please contact Christina Lagogianni (she has a 5-years training in Open Dialogue UK, London) at 6947185431.



Christina Lagogianni

Virginia Ioannidou