The Institute of Systemic Therapy Thessaloniki is a training institute certified by the Training Institutes Chamber of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA-TIC)  and the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). It offers a four-years training program in systemic psychotherapy, based on the guidelines of these associations (possibility to obtain the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, ECP) and includes the full program of systemic couples’ therapy of our Institute.

Emphasis is placed on the therapist’s self-awareness, his/her familiarity with human communication and on clinical application. Therefore experiential exercises, role-plays, supervision of trainees’ cases and live sessions during the training have a central role.

The aim is that in a safe environment the competencies of the trainees emerge, their therapeutic skills are cultivated and that their role as psychotherapists is encouraged.


The training program lasts four years (1.472 hours), including 10 weekends per year and participation in a therapy group twice a month. The group coordinates the psychologist, systemic psychotherapist Ms. Sotiria Chatzi.


The therapy-hours with other recognized psychotherapists can be taken into account.

Content of the training program:
Theoretical and practical topics
Basic concepts and development of systemic theory
Schools of family therapy (videos, simulations) with emphasis
on the experiential and narrative approaches
Life-cycle and developmental stages of a family
Cultural differences in the family organization
Models of change  and psychological approaches
Couples’ therapy
Systemic psychodrama
Formation of a therapeutic relationship and process
Therapy-methods from other psychotherapy-schools,which are
compatible with the systemic approach
Application on different psychopathological cases
Application on self-encounter groups
Application in a school context
Application on research
Ethical issues


Personal development of the trainee
Genogram of the trainee
Self-reflexivity through experiential exercises and supervision groups
Learning psychotherapy in a group


Clinical experience
Participation in therapist-groups
Participation as co-therapist
Supervision (in a group and individually)

Trainees who have completed the program are able to become members of the Systemic Association of North Greece (SANG) and the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA), if fulfilling the other criteria of these associations. They have also the possibility to obtain  the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP), through the direct application procedure of our Institute.

Requirements for participation: 

The program is meant for mental health professionals, like psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, mental health consultants and for students of these fields.

For further information and registration please contact Mrs. Ioannidou under: 6944-367046.


Director of the training program

Virginia Ioannidou