Supervision is a process of reflection and personal development. It is attained through discussions with a supervisor, either on an individual or on a group level. It takes place in an environment of respect and confidentiality and involves:


  • Analysis of difficult cases using theory and techniques from the systemic and other psychotherapeutic approaches
  • Encouragement in tolerating circumstances of uncertainty by taking into consideration the case itself, the working context and the resources of the therapist/counsellor.
  • Effective management of conflicts in the working environment
  • Preparation for assumption of new professional positions
  • Promotion of the personal and interpersonal skills of the therapist/counsellor
  • Shaping the personal style of the therapist/counsellor


Group supervision (in Greek) is offered in a group of 7-8 mental health professionals

Individual supervision is also available on the phone or Skype.

Group supervision (available in Greek) is offered in a group of 7-8 mental health professional, who meet for two-hours sessions every two weeks. After five meetings the group opens and new members can be taken in for the next five meetings. 


Virginia Ioannidou