Social worker – Psychotherapist

Social worker and family therapist since 1986. She is a systemic counselor, supervisor and trainer, a founding member of the Hellenic Association of Systemic Therapy (HELASYTH) and holds the European Certificate of Psychotherapy.


Smaro Markou lives and works in Athens. She founded the Centre for Systemic Therapy “THESYS” (associate member of EFTA-TIC) in 1994, which offers counselling and therapy to individuals, couples, families and training to therapists, counselors and other mental health professionals.


In 2000, in collaboration with the Kensington Consultation Center Foundation and the ‘European Network of Systemic Practitioners’, Smaro Markou introduced in Greece the Systemic “Appreciative Approach” in family therapy, in business- and organizations-counselling and in education. This method focuses on the resources, the strengths and the success experiences of people.


She has organized numerous trainings for psychologists, therapists, executives and managers. She is certified in adult training and has given lectures at congresses in Greece and abroad.


Smaro Markou is interested in the way language is used in human communication, and in the stories, we tell about ourselves, others and life. She is also keen in the changes people wish to do and the future they want to create in their life and work.


Contact number: +30 6977 679738