During this training we provide a complete approach to couples’ problems, as developed by the German psychotherapists H. and M. Jellouschek and as applied in the Greek context since 1994 by the psychologist Virginia Ioannidou. The fundamental theoretical context for the training is systemic theory.


This training is of great use for those working in counselling or psychotherapy, not only with couples, but also with individuals, families and children etc. Many individual and family therapies lead individuals into couple’s therapy. The reason is that on one hand a close relationship constitutes an essential point of reference for the individual and on the other hand the couple’s sub-system is setting the foundation for the organisation and the development of the whole family.

The training lasts one year, 186 hours divided into 10 weekends (either in Thessaloniki or in Athens) and is based on a continuous alternation of theory and practice, as follows:

 Theory on issues concerning close relationships
• Practice on characteristic cases drawn from therapeutic praxis through role playing
 Supervision on cases brought by the trainees
• Experiential exercises in small groups
Observation of live therapeutic sessions


Theoretical themes:systemic theory, systemic description of the problem, model of a couple’s crisis, autonomy-partnership, patterns of power, sexuality, extramarital relationships, relationships with the families of origin, crucial transitional phases, divorce (and consequential problems for the children), stepfamilies etc.


Methodological themes: engaging with clients in the first session, questioning techniques, genogram, “psychological games”, forming the therapeutic relationship and process, thoughts for interventions, metaphors, focusing on resources, propositions for homework, sculptures, mediation, solution-focused brief therapy etc.


Comments for the training from past participants:

“It was not just a theoretical training. There was a balance of theory and practice”.
“It helped me organize previous knowledge and bind theory with practice”.
“The program was oriented towards action. I took ideas for my work. I didn’t feel left alone with the clients”.
“It gave me confidence in my therapeutic role”.
“It gave me strong tools for my work in general, not just for couples’ therapy”.
“There was respect for everyone. I learned while having a good time”.
“We were given knowledge in a unique, structured and warm way”.


 Requirements for participation:


 • Completed studies in a psychosocial profession (psychiatrist, childrens’  psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker)

 • Two-years of occupational experience

 • Professional activity, which allows the possibility of doing counselling with     couples or individuals, whose difficulties could be viewed 

   from  the  perspective of couples’ therapy.


 If you are interested in participating in this training, please contact us at:   +30 6944 367046.


  Virginia Ioannidou