In the modern era our conceptions about partnership, family and parental roles have become broadened and at times uniquely modified. Radical social changes have lead to new ways of living together,for instance: couples without children, couples in treatment because of a fertility problem, single-parent-homes and stepfamilies, cross-cultural marriages, families with adopted children, family members living in different countries and many other varieties.


IIn our experience as mental health professionals we deal every day withissues and dilemmas concerning family life. Through our communication with individuals, couples and families, as well as through our work with groups we have come to the understanding that more and more often people are asking the following questions, and often with greater agony: “How do I choose a partner?”, “How can I improve my relationship?”, “What does it mean to become a mother or father?”, “Am I a good parent?”, “What if the stork is not coming?”, “Why is this happening to me?”


Within an environment of respect and confidence we aim to allow new perspectives to emerge related to the issues or dilemmas presented by each client. We support individuals in discovering new alternatives that focus on their strengths and their personal resources.


We provide:
• Group for parents of young children
• Group for parents of adolescents
• Groups for individuals with fertility problems
• Group concerning close relationships
• Group for couples

Our groups consist of 7 to 10 people and meetings take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 

Virginia Ioannidou 
Elli Manatou